$322,000 Microcar Record!


What’s a microcar worth? How about $322,000?

1958 FMR TG500 Tiger
1958 FMR TG500 Tiger Sold for $322,000

That’s how much someone paid for 1958 F.M.R. Tg 500 ‘Tiger’ at the Bruce Weiner microcar collection auction. A British built, four-wheeled sporty version of the Messerschmitt three-wheeler, it actually had a formula one-styled sub-frame. Its 494 cc engine allowed it to reach 0-60 mph in the blitzing speed of 28 seconds. Apparently, speed wasn’t a priority for the new owner.

I first wrote about the auction several weeks ago. (You can read that post here.) I have to admit, there was nothing micro about the money people paid for the little cars. All together the collection sold for $9.1 million. That’s not bad for a quirky collection of cars that most folks probably considered little more than a novelty.

1951 Reyonnah
1951 Reyonnah was the #2 Seller

Number two of the sale was a 1951 Reyonnah which traded hands for $184,000. The car’s value no doubt came from its unique “ability to fold up its front wheels under the car in order to reduce its width and be able to be moved off the street through a garden gate, courtyard doorway, or even into a house.”

1959 BMW Isetta Whatta Drag
Whatta Drag Was No Slouch at $92,000

The BMW Isetta “Whatta Drag”, commissioned by Weiner as a full-sized replica of the Hot Wheels car pulled in $92,000. Of course, the auction catalog warned that because of the 502 cubic inch engine’s massive torque, car is strictly for show (but wouldn’t you just love to try?).

1964 Peel P50
Cross-eyed and Pigeon-Toed 1964 Peel P50?

One of my favorites, a 1964 Peel P50, sold for $120,750. Is it just me or does this car look cross-eyed and pigeon-toed?

You can check out all the prices from the Bruce Weiner Microcar auction RMAuctions.com.


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