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The average price of a new car last year was $30,550, and apparently my neighbors can’t afford it.

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How Much Car Can You Afford?

That’s the word from Interest.com’s 2013 Car Affordability Study. It ranked 25 cities on the abilities of the people who live there to purchase a new car. The authors of the study started with something they call the 20/4/10 rule. That says you should put down 20%, take out a loan that lasts no more than four years and not use more than 10% of your household’s gross income to make the payment and pay insurance.

The results of the study show that only people living in Washington DC can afford to buy a new car. The median wage in our nation’s capitol is $86,680. Using the 20/4/10 rule the people living there can afford a car worth $31,940. Every other city in the study fell short.

The other end of the scale is Tampa Bay. People with the median salary can only afford payments to buy a car worth $14,516, leaving them last on the list of 25 cities.

While I may love the sunshine and outdoors that Phoenix offers, our median salaries aren’t so hot. The result is that we finished 21st on the list. The 20/4/10 rule says we can only afford the payments for a car worth $17,243.

Who can afford a car infographic
Buying a New Car in Washington DC Infographic (courtesy interest.com)

Of course, the results are a little skewed. Washington DC’s great incomes are swallowed up by the price of an average home. According to this article, it’s currently $437,500, which means you  can only afford the new car if you don’t have a house. No wonder everyone uses mass transit, they can’t afford to put anything in their garage. Both Phoenix and Tampa Bay have average home prices around $114,000 which actually leaves enough room to make a car payment after the mortgage is paid.

Just for the record, I like the 20/4/10 rule. It’s a great way to make sure your car payment doesn’t run you over.




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