One comment on “Road Test: 2014 Kia Cadenza

  1. Bought a 2014 Cadenza and it is a nice car. Have 4500 miles on it and a couple of road trips. Have enjoyed all of the electronic features as well as the power and gas mileage. The ride and cornering is impressive for a four door sedan. The car has lots of room for our friends when they go with us.

    However one feature has really become a problem. The front seat head rests tilt too far forward and there is no adjustment. My wife and I both have stiff necks from the head rests hitting us in the back of the head. Took it to the dealer to see if there was a fix. They said that they had several complaints but no fix. They suggested leaning the seat back like a teenager. Have not been able to find a “machine shop” to adjust the bend in the head rests, so the head rests are in the trunk. I know that is not safe but neither is driving around with a stiff neck.

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