Rating the Super Bowl car commercials


Read the February 20 update with the latest rankings here.

The 2012 Super Bowl has long ended, but folks are still debating which commercial was best. I figure it’s time to weigh in with an automotive twist. Which car commercial scored the advertising touchdown?

While there are plenty of different rating systems, I thought it made sense to break it down into simple numbers that everyone can understand: YouTube views. It’s one thing to have people chuckle while reaching for another guaco covered tortilla chip, but I think the true measure of a commercial is when people seek it out online to watch it again, and again.

Courtesy Audi

If that’s truly the case, then (at least so far) Audi is the big winner. Their exploding vampire spot has been watched more than 6.9 million times. Not bad for a commercial that was really just about headlights.

Courtesy Chevrolet

The controversial Chevy Silverado spot is running second. Ironically, Ford’s demand that Chevy dump the spot (which blames one man’s demise on the fact that he drove a Ford) no doubt helped propel it near the top of chart with more than seven million hits.

Courtesy Fiat

How could you not love the Fiat Abarth spot? The geeky guy gawking at the beautiful Italian woman. The result is more than 7.4 million YouTube hits. What a coup for a brand that most folks didn’t even realize was being sold in the US again.

Courtesy Chrysler

I don’t understand the fuss over Chrysler’s half-time commercial. I thought the message was simple: American’s always come back. They also come back for more YouTube views. This one is fourth on the list with 10.5 million hits.

Courtesy Hyundai

Filling out the top five was Hyundai’s “Think Fast” spot. The young guy driving the Genesis uses just his gas and brake pedals to create automotive chest compressions that brings his boss back to life. It’s up to 3.2 million hits.

Last year’s big winner, Volkswagen, couldn’t pull off a repeat performance. It’s weight losing dog spot ranked near the bottom this year.

If you want to check out how all the other car commercials fared, head on over to YouTube.com.




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