Time to Start Road Testing


It’s time to start driving.

So far, this blog has covered a variety of automotive topics ranging from collector cars to rambling automotive related rants. It’s time to step into the driver’s seat and give some serious consumer advice about the newest cars on the market.

Courtesy Moneyland.time.com

There’s just one problem. First, I have to overcome myself.

You see, I’m just not good at spending money. I’m good at research. I’m good at making sure I’m getting value for my buck. I just have a hard time parting with my dollars. A big part of my problem is justification. Why spend $50,000 on a car when a $20,000 car will get me there just as quickly? How much extra am I going to spend on gasoline if I buy that high performance gas guzzler? What about insurance? What about maintenance?

Of course that’s balanced by my other problem. I love cars. I like their shape and I like their feel. I like performance and I like style.

So while my brain is pushing for reasonable economy, my heart is hoping for so much¬† more. That’s why I’m going to struggle with car reviews. The expensive car will woo me with its techno¬†gadgetry and soft leather interior. I’ll fall in love with the horsepower and the sleek designs. But somewhere in the back of my mind will be a voice constantly chiming in about the excess expense. Meanwhile, every time I drive a stripped down econobox I’ll no doubt step away feeling unfulfilled. How can I give either car a fair review?

So now that you understand my schizoid struggle, I’m ready. Bring on the cars.

It’s time to start driving.




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