Road Test: 2012 Ford Edge


Ford can’t rush out the new MyFord Touch system soon enough. Frankly, that’s the only thing holding back a solid endorsement of the latest generation Ford Edge.

2012 Ford Edge

Ford came out with an all new Edge in 2011. Built on what’s called the second generation of the CD3 chassis, it’s a true crossover. Unlike SUVs of old that were based on a truck style body-on-frame chassis, the Edge has unibody construction. In simple terms, it’s built like a car, not a truck. In fact, it shares the same chassis with the Ford Fusion.

I spent a week with the Edge and really enjoyed it. My test car also had Ford’s EcoBoost engine.  For an extra $995 you get downsized from a six cylinder to a four-cylinder engine. The difference being the EcoBoost is turbocharged. The result is a 240 hp engine that gives the Edge mileage ratings of 21 mpg in town, and 30 mpg on the highway. 240 hp is not exactly going to snap your head back when you munch the throttle, but it isn’t a slouch. I read one review that dogged the EcoBoost engine for its lack of performance, and I completely disagree. Whether I was merging onto the freeway or just trying to move around someone, pushing the throttle never left me feeling that it couldn’t do the job.

2012 Ford Edge Dashboard

If you’re more interested in performance that mpg, Ford does offer the Edge Sport. It’s a 3.7 liter V6 that produces 305 hp. You even get a paddle shift 6 speed automatic transmission. The downside is that you lose about five miles per gallon with the front wheel drive model, and seven with the all wheel drive.

2012 Ford Edge Headlight

I’m also a fan of the Edge styling. It’s big and beefy and definitely stands out. Interestingly, the styling is almost identical to the previous generation Edge. So much, in fact, that I can’t tell them apart on the road. The grill is slightly different along with the bumper and wheels, but I figure anytime someone buys the new and improved model, they should get an obvious styling update as well. I also worry that it will age the newer model too soon. If the same basic body style has been around since 2006, what’s to make me lust after the new model?

MyFord Touch Screen

OK, now to the downside. I’m not a fan of the MyFord Touch system. In concept it’s great. A nice big display that lets you bounce between radio, navigation, telephone and climate controls. It’s laid out nicely and is pretty easy to navigate. The touch screen is supposed to help you move quickly and efficiently through the various elements.

The problem is that it’s just buggy. When I tried moving the temperature up three degrees I could hear the noise the button makes, but the number didn’t move. So I hit three more times, and suddenly the number jumped six degrees. Overall, it was slow. I’ve read some forums where owners complain about a whole variety of issues. Here’s a Consumer Reports video showing their frustration.

The good news is that Ford listened and is coming out with an updated MyFord Touch in 2013. Which leaves the question, do you buy now or wait for the upgrade? Ford is trying to make the decision a little easier by making the upgrade available for existing MyFord Touch users. It’s supposed to improve touchscreen response as well as improve the look with larger fonts. Ford also redesigned the program so that the screens you’re more likely to use are easier to find, and the screens with less important content move to the back. The MyFord Touch has a lot of potential, I can only hope that this upgrade will do the job. Check out Ford’s video on the new and improved MyFord Touch.

Ford Edge Footwell LIghting

Incidentally, my son thought the screen that allows you to change the color of the lighting in the footwells was seriously cool.

The Edge is a solid crossover that does everything it’s supposed to. While some folks knock the looks for not being as hip as the Ford Flex, I think it’s better. Of course, that might simply be because I’m not hip enough. Once they get the MyFord Touch to live up to its promise, the Edge is on its way.


  1. The power-train of the new Ford Edge has been reported to be slightly more discordant especially at higher RPMs, however it’s far from terrible.


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