Amphibious MINI Cooper Yachtsman? April Fools!


The news release from BMW’s MINI group sucked me in completely.

The all-new MINI Cooper Yachtsman. Not!

It announced that MINI was jumping into the crossover pool in a unique new way with the MINI Cooper amphibious Yachtsman. It was finally ready to deliver on the promises made lo those many years ago by the Amphicar. The news release proudly stated, “The new  MINI Cooper Yachtsman is a corner-carving crustacean that promises  go-kart-like handling and a sensational combination of amphibious and  landphibious performance both on and off the water.”

The first giveaway should have been the top speed on water. 61 knots claimed the release. Really?

And then there was the “extendable rooftop antenna comes with a ‘get-you-home’  20-ft white sail (in case of emergency) which can be deployed for  zero-emissions sailing.”

But the line that really snapped me back to reality was, “the MINI Cooper Yachtsman is priced at US $236,000 and comes with a  fully incomprehensible warranty that includes 3-year no-cost moorage,  annual dry-docking and free barnacle removal, for the original captain.”

Any time you put the word “incomprehensible” in a news release, it’s a major spoof giveaway. Congrats to the MINI marketing team for another dash of brilliance. You can read (and enjoy) the full release here.

Still, it makes me wonder about whether someone will one day dive back into the Amphicar world…

Original Amphicar (courtesy


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