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While Grump’s primary business appears to be selling vintage car parts, he has one section devoted to classic hot rod movies. While there are some well known films like American Graffiti, The Lords of Flatbush or The California Kid, there are plenty of other movies I’ve never heard of. Most of them were “B” flicks made for drive-ins.

Hot Rod movie
Hot Rod... the 1950 Movie

Let’s start with Hot Rod. If it’s not the first hot rod movie, it was pretty darn close. Produced back in 1950 it was about cars, girls and the conflict between father and son. Sound familiar? It actually got an 8.1 (out of 10) rating on

Hot Rod Girl
Hot Rod Girl

There’s Hot Rod Girl from 1956. This one has real stars like Chuck Connors (remember the Rifleman?) and Frank Gorshin (the original Riddler from the Batman TV show). It’s about cars and girls. Hmmm, I’m getting theme here. Hot Rod Girl only got a 5.2, but it starts with some great vintage San Fernando Drag Strip pictures. You can actually watch this one online at IMDB. If you feel the need to own it, head on back over to Grump’s and buy the DVD.

Dragstrip Girl
Dragstrip Girl

If you like Frank Gorshin in Hot Rod Girl, you’ll love him in DragStrip Girl. The 1957 movie has more cars, more girls and more disapproving parents. Reviewers on IMDB gave it a 5.7.

Hot Rod Gang
Hot Rod Gang

Hot Rod Gang from 1958 mixes cars, girls, parental conflict and… rock and roll. What more could you ask for? Since it only got a 5.2, apparently folks want more.

Even if you have no intention of buying an old hot rod DVD, head on over just to look at the DVD cover art. The old movie posters are classics.




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