How do you pronounce Veloster?


I think the new Hyundai Veloster is pretty cool. The design is great for a little sporty coupe. The price (way under $20k) is just right.

I’m just not sure about the name. I mean, what is a Veloster? More importantly, how do you pronounce it?

Is it Vello-ster? How about Vel-ahster. Maybe Vee-los-tear? And what does it mean? Am I supposed to think it has great velocity?

Call me crazy, but I like cars with names I can pronounce, and that at least make a little sense. I’m not saying I have to understand the name completely. I don’t know what a Camry or Prius are, but at least I can figure out the name as soon as I see it. I have no idea if Camaro has any other meaning besides the car. But I do know how to say it.

VW is the worst offender these days. They have the Touerag, the Routan and the Tiguan. Hard to both pronounce and understand. Touerag (which I can never spell right the first time) is apparently a tribe of Saharan nomads. Routan is a chain of islands, although I find it hard to believe that someone loved those islands so much they had to name a car after them. And then there’s the Tiguan. VW had a naming contest for the Tiguan. 350,000 people voted and the best they could get was a cross between a tiger and an iguana? I guess it’s better than the runner up names: Namib, Rockton, Liger, Samun and Nanuk.

Of course VW isn’t alone. Lotus is getting way too creative with the letter “E”. They have the Evora and the Exige. Evora is easy, and actually sounds kind of cool. But is it Ex-eej or Ex-i-jee? And what is it anyway?

By the way, Lamborghini is coming out the with Aventador. You’ll spend nearly $400k for a car with a name that sounds like an avenging matador or a cigar.

I’m sure these companies spend lots of money on branding consultants before introducing a car. I’m just not sure they’re getting their money’s worth.

By the way, the Veloster had a cool commercial that was apparently banned in from Dutch TV. I love it. You can watch it here.


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