About Rick DeBruhl

Somehow I went from being a kid who spent too much time and money reading car magazines, to a semi-grown man who gets paid to hang around the most spectacular cars on the planet along with the fastest drivers. I cover IndyCars for ABC, NASCAR Nationwide, along with the Barrett Jackson auctions for Fox Sports. Amazingly, it means all that time I spent in high school auto shop is really paying off!

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3 comments on “About Rick DeBruhl

  1. I was in the Marines w/ a Charles “Buddy” Debruhl from Greensboro N.C from 1957-1960. Are you any relation?

    • All DeBruhls are related, and while there is a big crop in NC, I’m from the western portion of the family and grew up in California.

  2. Hey Rick! Glad to see the little car is still around. Did you have it painted green again?
    Jim Bell
    Celestian (Class of “73″)

    That’s right… I’m the same guy who had a crush on your next door neighbor in the 6th grade! (Susan Hillman)


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