About Rick DeBruhl

Rick DeBruhl is a self-professed car geek. Maybe it was the car wallpaper his mom hung on his bedroom walls. Perhaps it was the elementary school field trip to the Fisher Body plant in Van Nuys, California. Whatever the source for the automotive germ that entered his body early on, it has taken hold with a vengeance. First there were car magazines that filled his school binders. That led to two hours of auto shop every day in high school (remember auto shop?). It finally began to pay off in college when Rick worked at Sears Automotive earning tuition money. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in journalism, Rick launched his broadcast career. There was a short stint in radio and then he quickly moved on to television working for KCOY-TV in Santa Maria, California. A year later he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, joining KPNX-TV. It was a job that he would enjoy for 31 years. rick indycar small

But local news wasn’t enough. Rick wanted to play with cars. So, in 1987 Rick added a side career in race broadcasting. His first event was the Trans Am race in St. Petersburg, Florida. The next year he started working races for ESPN. Since then Rick has covered events ranging from Formula One to Pikes Peak. After leaving KPNX-TV in 2009, he started his current ESPN assignment, covering the IndyCar series which includes the Indy 500. Because you can never have too much automotive fun, Rick also works for the Velocity network covering the Barrett Jackson collector car auctions. In his spare time he picked up a Master’s in Journalism degree from the University of Missouri and continues to write new car reviews. It just proves that all those wasted hours reading car magazines and hanging out in high school auto shop are finally paying off!