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Winning Communications

Inspire your team to greatness with a powerful message about communications.

Racing is a business. And like any business its success is dependent on people. It’s not enough to have the greatest driver, if the team backing them up isn’t working together. And even that isn’t enough if they aren’t communicating.

Of course, we all know that. We simply need to be reminded. And it needs to be done in a way that grabs the attention of the people in your organization. A compelling story that shows what can be accomplished.

Alexander Rossi’s victory in the 100th running of the Indy 500 was an amazing achievement. Here was a rookie who had never driven in this race, beating drivers and teams with decades of experience. So how did he do it? Two words: communications and teamwork. Telling that story is more than just entertaining, it’s an amazing lesson in how any business can find a victory.

Rick DeBruhl is a lifelong communicator. With a career that started in radio and now finds him covering auto racing for ESPN, he’s Rick DeBruhllearned the art of storytelling. Rick has a Master’s degree in Media Management and is also the chief communications officer for a statewide organization. He understands communication theory and how it can make or break an organization.

Winning Communications will help explain:

  • The importance of the communications culture
  • Critical communications needed during innovation and changing strategy
  • How to listen and lead

Tailored to fit your group or organization, Winning Communications will inspire your audience to find new ways to get amazing results.

“I am not the least bit interested in car racing but he literally had me on the edge of my seat for 60 minutes. In closing his presentation he tied his subject together well with relevance in any working application and painted a vivid picture of what teamwork and effective communication can produce in both common and extreme conditions.”
Michelle Billot, City of Phoenix

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