Rick DeBruhl understands communications. As an award-winning network television broadcaster with a master’s degree in Media Management he has the insight to help any business innovate and grow by improving the way its people communicate. In nearly four decades spent interviewing and reporting about both business leaders and front-line employees, Rick has learned that before you can innovate you must communicate… READ MORE.


Did you know?

86% of corporate executives, employees and educators say that ineffective communications is a big reason for failures in the workplace.
79% of communicators say they use too much jargon.
High performing companies are 60% more likely to think about communication from the audience perspective
91% of employees say they aren't happy with the way the boss communicates

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"I am not the least bit interested in car racing but he literally had me on the edge of my seat for 60 minutes. In closing his presentation he tied his subject together well with relevance in any working application and painted a vivid picture of what teamwork and effective communication can produce in both common and extreme conditions."
MB - City of Phoenix Employee

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