Communicating at the Right Speed

Communicating at the Right Speed

52 Ways to Fix Your Professional Communication Troubles

“Rick’s book offers the level of expertise only someone with a lifetime of experience in communications can delve. This book is full of short, consumable information that can improve, not just an individual’s communication skills, but also how we communicate at a corporate level. 

Pick up a copy of this book in order to become a master communicator!”

Jeffrey Hayzlett — Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy

Your communication skills are very likely hurting your career and costing your organization money.


Communicating at the Right Speed features 52 quick lessons designed to improve your communication skills. Each micro-learning exercise is designed to last three to five minutes. Just a little time could make a huge difference in your career!

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Communicating at the Right Speed