About Rick DeBruhl

Rick DeBruhl understands communications. As an award-winning network television broadcaster with a master’s degree in Media Management he has the insight to help any business innovate and grow by improving the way its people communicate. In nearly four decades spent interviewing and reporting about both business leaders and front-line employees, Rick has learned that before you can innovate you must communicate.

He currently works for ESPN as part of the broadcast team covering the IndyCar series which includes the Indy 500. In a world that travels at more than 200 miles per hour, he’s learned that communications are critical. The right information at the right time not only gives teams a chance to win, it also can avoid a disaster where lives are at risk.

Rick spent nearly a decade as a consumer reporter and advocate. It was an education into what makes a company successful. Many times he found failures were the result of communication. Sometimes it was the way consumers were handled, but often the communication problems were inside the company. In a fast-paced world of online consumer reviews, that breakdown can quickly ruin a corporate reputation.

Rick has also managed a communications team for a statewide organization, handling everything from corporate branding to crisis communications. He understands both social and traditional media.  

Above all, Rick is a story teller. He’s taken those experiences and knows how to weave them together for presentations that are both enlightening and fun. Whether it’s a keynote presentation, media training, moderating or emcee, Rick will help your engage your group and help them understand how they can innovate through communication.

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