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Communicating at the Right Speed

Face it, we live in a hectic world. Things are happening faster than ever before. That’s especially true for communication. It’s almost hard to believe that there was once a time when people would work on a project and then send it out for a review that would sometimes take days or weeks. Even e-mail now seems slow compared to Slack and other collaborative tools that allow for instant input.… Read More »Communicating at the Right Speed

dad and his milk truck

Want to connect? Talk to my dad

Whenever I think about the best way to explain something, I just think of what I’d say to my dad. Growing up, my father worked two jobs, seven days a week. We lived in Los Angeles and he’d deliver milk in the morning and newspapers in the afternoon. He was up at 3am for the milk route. Home around noon for a brief nap, and then out the door by… Read More »Want to connect? Talk to my dad